International scientific conference of doctoral candidates


The registration deadline is 1st April 2015
The conference registration fee is 300 CZK (10 EUR)

Conference timeline

Please send your completed registration form no later than by 1 April 2015 to the e-mail address By 7 April 2015 you will be notified about the inclusion of your presentation in the conference, including the programme and organisational details. The organisers reserve the right to select the presentations that will be presented at the conference.

Conference Fee

The amount of the conference fee for active participants has been set at CZK 300 (10 EUR). The fee serves exclusively for ensuring necessities for the conference. The instructions for payment of the conference fees will be disclosed to the participants after the conference presentations are received.

Publication output

Selected presentations by active participants, after being reviewed, will be published in the proceedings Studia Iuvenilia. Other presentations will be included in the publication section on the conference website.

Conference presentation

For each presentation there is a maximum limit of 15 minutes (a total of 4 standard pages). Presentations are expected to be in MS PowerPoint, and audio-visual equipment will be available.

Conference languages

You may give your presentation in Czech, Slovak and/or English.


Assembly Hall of the University of Ostrava,
Českobratrská Str. 16,
Moravská Ostrava
701 03
Czech Republic