International scientific conference of doctoral candidates

Conference theme

The conference Creative City reflects the current trends in research of a series of specialised fields connected to the history of Central European cities. The topical focus on Creative City includes: expressions of city life, inhabitants' social connections, specific sub-cultures, architecture and art as phenomena in mutual interaction. Emphasis is placed on the issues affecting the city from a historical perspective from the Middle Ages to the present. Creativity in the context of urban space is presented through the extent of changes that the city has experienced and continues to experience as a living organism. This process can be identified in the city's historic development, the inhabitants' relationship to urban space and their identity, urbanism, heritage sites, the city's cultural policy, and last, but not least, in the memory and historic continuity of space, art and culture in the city.

We will welcome in particular topics regarding the following: the history of urbanism, the perception of urban space, the city's cultural identity, specifics of an urban sub-culture, the city in the modernisation processes of the 19th to 20th century, specifics of local traditions, the city and its inhabitants, an individual in the city, minority and majority population groups, people on the fringes, the history of institutions, the uniqueness of city sites, architecture of public spaces, art in the city, gender differentiation of city space, sociopathological phenomena, structures of city society, expressions of city life, city greenery and more.